Q & A

What does the foundation do?
The Five Loaves and Two Fishes foundation is a non profit charitable organization that provide holistic charitable works for the poor and the needy. The people we serve is adult and children of all ages. Also we take care of the elderly and minister to the prisoners at prisons and other detention places.

How did it get started?
It started when Marko Budiman surrender his life to the Lord by gathering several of his friends to begin caring for the poor and the needy in 2004. Soon the number grew bigger and now they can accumulated enough money to do it in a regular basic. Soon the words spread out to other organizations and churches who loves their works for the poor and the needy, and they joined them. What began as a spark of flame has turned into a torch of love.

Where do the money go?
Since its beginning, the foundation has provided meals, basic needed goods to family shelters, and to numerous humanitarian organization around Jakarta and throughout Indonesia. We also sending our help to many of the disaster struck victims in Indonesia. All the proceed go to the most poor and the needy.

Where do you get the money?
Part of the money is donated by inner circle friends who share the same vision and passion. Other funding is donated by various individuals and organizations. Although many things at the foundation are donated, it now currently takes about $ 200,000 per year to run operations throughout Indonesia.

Although blessing of donations always seem to cover expenses, funding is becoming crucial for this rapidly growing endeavor. Any donations helps. The Five Loaves and Two Fishes volunteers are mission and social workers, they are not fund raisers.

Does anyone get paid?
Great blessing to the heart and soul are the only payment. Only one secretary and one mission field officer getting paid. All others, including chairman, managers, and public relation, is volunteer. (starting 2009 everyone in the foundation is volunteer)

Who is the volunteers at the foundation?
Volunteers at the foundation are a cross section of the community. They are young and old, male and female. Some works several hours a week, some given more.

How can I help?
You can donate money or supplies of goods, or spread the word to those who may be in the position to help.

Where can I get more information?
Email us at: [email protected]